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What is Bio Energetic Testing?
  Bio Energetic Testing is a beautiful blend of ancient medicine and modern technology. It's basically electro-acupuncture...but it doesn't hurt! The basis that the ancients founded the practice of acupuncture was on the knowledge that our bodies have energy. That energy travels in power lines known as meridians. These meridians carry body energy to corresponding organs.
     Bio Energetic Testing provides a way to measure that energy and detect any stressed, balanced, or weakened areas of the body. Individualized protocols are then selected to help bring the body into healthy balance. Bio Energetic Testing was first introduced in the 1940's by a German physician named Reinhold Voll. It is also known as EAV Testing, or Electro-Acupuncture.     
     Bear Necessities has two Bio Energetic Testing machines with four Meridian Stress Assessment System (MSAS-Pro) trained technicians excited and ready to start bringing your health into balance.
     Bear Necessities has helped numerous people with all kinds of health related issues such as: ADD, Allergies, Anxiety, Cholesterol, Chronic Infections, Digestive Distress, Fatigue, Hormone Balance, Hypertension, Insomnia, Low Energy, Migraines, Poor Immune Function, Stress, Sugar Handling, weight loss, and much more.

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Bear Necessities uses the MSAS-PROFESSIONAL, MSA-21, and the MSA-PARTNER in Bio Energetic Testing. The MSAS-PRO and MSA-21 are used in a full test and the MSA-PARTNER is used in dosing.

Bio Energetic Testing Systems
For more information on these devices, visit www.biomeridian.com